I’m Davey Duarte, a devoted family man and a passionate Creative Director, Web/App Developer, Photographer/Videographer, and Entrepreneur. Operating under the umbrella of A DAVEY COMPANY, LLC, I orchestrate various ventures that have collectively impacted over 1,000 clients and businesses.

My journey has been one of helping others harness the power of creativity and technology. From developing websites and apps to capturing moments through my lens, I’ve dedicated myself to fostering success. Now, I invite you to explore my offerings and witness the diverse skill set and creativity that have driven my ventures.

For those intrigued by the prospect of achieving similar success, I extend an invitation. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a business aiming for digital excellence, I’m here to share insights and strategies that have propelled me and numerous others toward success. If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey, connect with me by downloading my resume below. Explore the logos on this page to witness the diverse projects and businesses I’ve had the privilege of building on my own.

In the lush landscapes of Hana, Hawaii, where my 27.5-acre botanical garden serves as a backdrop to my work, I look forward to the prospect of collaborating and assisting you in achieving the same level of success that has defined my journey thus far. Let’s embark on this creative and transformative adventure together!

The X Digital / Design & Development Firm / thexdigital.com

The X Digital stands as a distinguished global digital marketing agency, offering a comprehensive suite of services that spans web, app, and software development, along with top-tier hosting solutions. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum, from formulating initial branding strategies to crafting meticulous UI/UX architectures, and from designing front-end interfaces to executing intricate back-end coding. What sets our agency apart is not only our technological proficiency but also our unwavering commitment to close-knit communication, surpassing industry standards in meeting deadlines, and providing enduring support for businesses striving towards sustainable growth.

Our unique approach to client engagement is characterized by seamless collaboration, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations. We integrate screen-sharing meetings into our workflow, creating a transparent and empowering interaction that allows clients to gain a holistic understanding of our processes. This commitment to transparency resonates across our global clientele, enabling us to successfully navigate projects for businesses not only throughout the entire United States but also on a worldwide scale.

In addition to our core development services, The X Digital takes pride in offering web, app, and software hosting solutions that further enhance our clients’ digital presence. We understand that hosting is a critical component of a seamless online experience, and our hosting services are designed to complement the quality and reliability that define our development work.

At The X Digital, our success story is rooted in the fusion of cutting-edge technological expertise, client-focused collaboration, and reliable hosting solutions. We serve as catalysts for our clients’ success, consistently delivering unparalleled solutions that propel businesses towards sustained growth and global recognition.

The hawaii Agency / Design & Development Firm / thexdigital.com

The Hawaii Agency emerges as a preeminent force in the digital landscape, specializing in catalyzing business success throughout the picturesque islands of Hawaii. Our agency is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including web, app, and software development, as well as top-tier hosting solutions. From cultivating compelling branding strategies to crafting intuitive UI/UX architectures and executing meticulous front-end and back-end coding, our team excels in delivering tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of businesses nestled in the Hawaiian archipelago.

What distinguishes The Hawaii Agency is our unwavering commitment to fostering close partnerships with local businesses. By intimately understanding the intricacies of the local market and business landscape, we position ourselves as not merely service providers but as dedicated collaborators invested in the growth and prosperity of businesses across the islands. Our emphasis on responsive communication and a client-centric approach allows us to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring that our solutions are finely tuned to the cultural and economic nuances of the Hawaiian business environment.

In addition to our core development services, The Hawaii Agency is proud to offer top-notch hosting solutions that complement the quality and reliability of our digital offerings. We understand that hosting is a critical component of a seamless online experience, and our hosting services are designed to enhance our clients’ digital presence.

Through our specialized services, including cutting-edge technologies and hosting solutions adhering to global best practices, we have become an indispensable partner for businesses throughout the islands of Hawaii. The Hawaii Agency is not just a service provider; we are an ally in the journey of local businesses, propelling them toward digital excellence and fostering a thriving economic landscape across the breathtaking Hawaiian islands.

I’m In hawaii /
web & mobile app / iminhawaii.com

Introducing “I’m In Hawaii,” a revolutionary app and web application that transcends the traditional notion of directories. Meticulously crafted using Flutter for the app interface and a robust backend powered by JS and Laravel, this custom-built platform has been two years in the making, setting a new standard for experiencing the best of Hawaii.

“I’m In Hawaii” serves as an unparalleled directory, unveiling the finest attractions and activities across the islands. What sets this platform apart is its innovative three-tier system catering to users, businesses, and administrators. This dynamic structure ensures a seamless and automated experience for everyone involved.

For users, the app becomes a gateway to discovering the hidden gems and must-see locales that Hawaii has to offer. Businesses, on the other hand, gain an unprecedented avenue to connect with both tourists and locals, establishing a robust network that transcends geographical boundaries. Administrators benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline operations and ensure a frictionless experience for all users.

One of the standout features of “I’m In Hawaii” is its state-of-the-art analytics system. Business owners can delve into real-time metrics, gaining invaluable insights into user activity. This analytics powerhouse empowers businesses to tailor their offerings, optimize engagement, and make data-driven decisions for unprecedented success.

“I’m In Hawaii” is not just an app; it’s a game-changer that reshapes the way people experience the beauty and culture of Hawaii. The platform, available on iminhawaii.com and soon to launch on iOS and Android, represents a culmination of two years of dedication and innovation. Get ready to explore Hawaii like never before—where technology meets paradise.

The agency SChool /
online course / theagencyschool.com

Welcome to The Agency School, a transformative online course that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to build and run successful digital marketing agencies. As the instructor, I bring over two decades of hands-on experience in the industry, having successfully navigated the dynamic landscape of digital marketing agencies.

With over 350 students enrolled, The Agency School is not just a course—it’s a comprehensive journey into the world of entrepreneurship. I guide students through the intricacies of starting and managing their own agencies, sharing the proven methods and tricks that have propelled me to success over the last 20 years. This intensive program is designed to equip individuals with the tools and insights needed to achieve a six-figure income while working independently.

The course covers a wide spectrum of skills, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of running a digital marketing agency. From the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to the intricacies of art, graphic design, web development, app development, and beyond, students gain a holistic understanding of the diverse skills required for success in the digital landscape.

While The Agency School acknowledges the value of the knowledge shared, it’s important to note that this intensive program is an investment in one’s entrepreneurial journey. The tuition reflects the years of hard work, research, and industry expertise embedded in the curriculum. By providing deep insights into tools, servers, techniques, and the nuances of the digital marketing realm, the course positions students to embark on their entrepreneurial ventures with confidence.

The knowledge imparted at The Agency School isn’t just theoretical—it’s practical, actionable, and geared towards helping students establish and thrive in their own digital marketing agencies. For those ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, The Agency School is the key to unlocking the doors to a lucrative and fulfilling career. Learn more and enroll today at theagencyschool.com.

Hawaii.gallery / Clothing & artwork line /

Hawaii.Gallery, my clothing and product company embraces the spirit of Hawaii in wearable art. Hawaii.Gallery is not just a clothing line; it’s an expression of my personal connection with the islands, showcased through original artwork and photography. Launched in early 2023, our online store has become a destination for both locals and tourists who seek to wear and carry a piece of Hawaii as a work of art.

At Hawaii.Gallery, each clothing item and product is a canvas that features my unique artwork and photography capturing the diverse beauty of Hawaii. From the pristine beaches to lush landscapes, every piece reflects the vibrancy and essence of the islands, making it more than just a garment – it’s a wearable piece of Hawaii’s soul.

The simplicity of the name and URL, hawaii.gallery, mirrors the straightforward yet profound connection we offer to those who appreciate Hawaii as a piece of art. The gallery-like experience allows customers to explore and select from a curated collection of clothing and products that embody the natural beauty and cultural richness of the islands.

Since its inception, Hawaii.Gallery has gained significant traction, resonating with individuals who seek authenticity and a genuine connection to Hawaii. The demand for our clothing and products is a testament to the universal appeal of the islands and the desire to carry a piece of its magic wherever one goes.

Whether you’re a local looking to showcase your pride in Hawaii or a tourist seeking a meaningful memento, Hawaii.Gallery invites you to explore our collection and embrace the artistry of the islands. Visit hawaii.gallery to discover the perfect blend of fashion and the spirit of Hawaii, and join us in celebrating the beauty that inspired this unique wearable gallery.

rakia Organics / CBD & Medicinal Mushroom store / thexdigital.com

Welcome to Rakia Organics, your premier destination for high-quality CBD and Medicinal Mushroom products. Established in 2018, our journey began as a passionate exploration of the potential benefits of CBD and the fascinating history of mushrooms. Based out of Hana, Hawaii, Rakia Organics has since evolved into a trusted online store serving loyal customers nationwide.

What sets Rakia Organics apart is our commitment to providing exceptional products that merge the wellness potential of CBD with the incredible benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Our online store is a haven for those seeking the natural goodness of these superfoods, carefully curated to enhance various aspects of well-being.

Our CBD products are a hallmark of quality, each meticulously lab-tested with Certificates of Analysis (COA) readily available for transparency. We take pride in offering our customers a range of CBD options that meet the highest standards, providing a source of relief and relaxation.

At the heart of Rakia Organics are our homemade mushroom tinctures, crafted with care to harness the potential benefits of these extraordinary fungi. From promoting brain power and mood stabilization to providing energy and other holistic advantages, our mushroom tinctures are designed to elevate well-being as potent superfoods.

Beyond the products, Rakia Organics is grounded in a belief in the power of nature to enhance life. We celebrate the rich history of mushrooms and their potential to contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re a CBD enthusiast or exploring the world of medicinal mushrooms, Rakia Organics is here to guide you on a journey of wellness.

Experience the natural synergy of CBD and Medicinal Mushrooms with Rakia Organics, where the spirit of Hana, Hawaii, meets the diverse needs of our cherished customers nationwide. Discover the extraordinary benefits of our products and join us in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Visit RakiaOrganics.com to explore our offerings and embark on a path to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Creative Maui /
Photo & Video Production /

Welcome to Creative Maui, where moments come alive through the lens of unparalleled creativity. As the principal photographer and videographer, I specialize in capturing the essence of life on the beautiful islands of Maui and beyond. At Creative Maui, my passion extends beyond merely taking photographs or creating videos; it is about infusing each image and frame with personality, making every shoot a memorable and uniquely creative experience.

In the realm of family and business photography and videography, I stand out as the best, transcending the ordinary to deliver a level of artistry that goes beyond expectations. It’s not just about a photo shoot or a video session; it’s about crafting an immersive visual narrative that reflects the true spirit of individuals, products, and landscapes. What sets Creative Maui apart is the commitment to transforming each assignment into a creative journey, where every detail is considered and every moment is captured with an artistic touch.

My ability to effortlessly capture the essence of people, products, and landscapes is a testament to a keen eye and an innate sense of creative direction. Beyond technical proficiency, it’s the fusion of artistic insight and technical expertise that allows Creative Maui to go above and beyond the needs of individuals and businesses. Through this unique combination, I turn each project into a work of art, creating visual stories that resonate with authenticity and charm.

At Creative Maui, the goal is not just to meet expectations but to surpass them, offering a creative experience that lingers in the memories of those who entrust their visual narratives to my lens. Whether it’s a family celebration, a business showcase, or the breathtaking landscapes of the Hawaiian islands, Creative Maui brings forth a level of creativity and innovation that elevates each moment into a timeless masterpiece.

Unlock The Human / Transformation App / unlockthehuman.com

Introducing “Unlock The Human,” a groundbreaking app currently in development that aims to unlock the incredible power of the human mind. Drawing inspiration from methods that have personally transformed my life and impacted millions worldwide, this app is designed to assist individuals on their journey of self-discovery and mental empowerment.

While details about the app are limited until its official launch, I can share that “Unlock The Human” is being meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technologies. The app is built in React Native for seamless cross-platform performance, supported by React.js for dynamic user interfaces, and features a robust Firebase backend to ensure a secure and responsive user experience.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of “Unlock The Human,” where a transformative journey into the depths of the mind awaits. This app is more than just technology; it’s a pathway to unlocking untapped potential and fostering personal growth. Explore the power within, coming soon.